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About me

My    name    is    Sandy.    Horses are   a   passion   of   me.   I   am   a proud    owner    of    two    Shire Horse   to   horses   who   are   still half-sisters. To   be   able   to   handle   better with    the    animals,    I    have visited    a    Parelli    course    in 2016. My   life   partner   has   a   rider's court      and      is      a      horse whisperer.    His    dream    is    to coach     horses.     His     horse court    is    intended    primarily also. I   build   a   domicile   directly   on my   property   for   my   horses to       coach       them       there independently.          Scarcely Anouks   foals   is   born.   I   do   not plan    a    breeding    of    course. But   I   wanted   to   experience absolutely    sometimes    how my Anouk   draws   up   a   young. Thus   each   of   us   has   his   own dream    which    we    tries    to realise.
Tori and I 2016
Christian works on the stable on my premises.
update: 04.10.2018