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Salt Rook Diamant
Salt Rook Shire Horses - the name touches from the history of Halle, my home- town. Halle is an old salt and Hanseatic town, hence, the word Salt. Rook means Tower and is covered to the size of the horses. My biggest wish has come true. Anouk has given birth to a colt and we called him diamond, after the Christian's first horse.
Profile: Diamant Name: Salt Rook Diamant Sire: Bromford Premier (47683) Dam: Sugar Beet Bastiana (147641) Father/Sire: Frettholt‘s Joseph (46877) Birthday 03.05.2017 Height: 1,42 m (November 2017) Genealogy table here…
Diamant Diamant - 2 days old
update: 20.01.2019