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Steven‘s Josi - Tori
Profile: Tori Name: Steven‘s Josie (149535) Sire: Frettholt‘s Joseph (46877) Dam: Flight Hill Pandora (145484) Father/Sire: Blackden Mascot (46130) Birthday 23.05.2009 Height:: 1,83 m Colour: braun Weight: 935 kg Genealogy table here…
Tori comes from the Latin and is called so much like victory. The name is derived from Victoria. But also the plural form of Torus is called Tori and calls a big body.
Frettholt's Joseph
Frettholt‘s Joseph (*12.05.1998 +08.10.2014) Link…
update: 20.01.2019
I acquired them by chance. At a member's meeting of the Shire Horse association there was the cry for help of a member. One day later I looked the animal and fetched it three meets later. It was a high time.