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Videos Movement   and   horses   belong   together. If   you   watches   the   animals,   her   muscle play   which   observes   mane   in   the   wind, her     amusing     charm     and     hear     the thundering   hoofs   sounds   you   think   it   is like   a   stereotype.   However,   is   for   me everyday   reality,   even   if   some   people see    this    different.    Though    you    can shoot   a   photo,   but   the   reality   is   often completely   different.   So   I   have   decided my   animals   also   show   in   movements, and   so   we   will   make   films.   I   introduce some of it here.
60 seconds power 60 seconds power Freedom Freedom The first excursion The first excursion A Diamond is born A Diamond is born Salt Rook Diamant Salt Rook Diamant Diamant, Mother Anouk and I Ear chew Ear chew
update: 25.05.2018